All You Should Know About The Hosted Phone System

A hosted phone system, also known as the virtual private branch exchange, enables you to enjoy the benefits you could have had with the traditional office phone system without incurring the expensive hardware costs that come along with it. Moreover, you should know that this hosted phone system has different techniques like the voip phone systems and the traditional PBX. Suppose you wonder how the phone system works or have been afraid to try it out because you have little information about how it operates. In that case, you should consider reading informative articles like this one to help you understand every detail.

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Here is all you need to know about the hosted phone system:

What is hosted phone system?

This is a phone setup that only operates when connected to the internet; it has various hosting systems you can choose from, you have options to choose from the available PBX platforms. Both available setups can quickly help you match the needs of your business but are accomplished differently, including cloud-hosted phone systems and PBX SIP Trunking.

In the cloud-hosted phone system, an exterior voip data centre connects all phones; the connected phones are configured using a single login as they get programmed to register using the SIP server. All the essential features you need for your modern workforce are available in the cloud PBX, among them video conferencing, voicemail to email, and auto attendants. It is known to be the most straightforward PBX platform you can manage.

On the other hand, the PBX SIP Trunking enables you to keep the existing PBX; however, the backhaul is made entirely using the VoIP base trunk for the outside lines needed. It is possible to route phone calls to any virtual office or the brick-and-mortar for the PBX issue.

How the hosted VoIP Solution works

The system lets you take calls with a cloud PBX; incoming and outgoing calls are managed through this online server using the VoIP connection. The hosted PBX system converts all the call data to digital packets that can be easily transmitted through an internet connection.

What are its benefits?

The benefits that come along with the hosted phone system that you will not get with a traditional setup:

Easy to install

The hosted phone system has short installing processes; you do not have to go through lengthy procedures like installing the traditional setup. You can easily do the installation online without anyone coming to your office; therefore, anyone who can use the services, even the smaller and upcoming businesses, will not find any challenges installing the system.


These systems are cheaper when compared to the traditional alternatives because you will not have to buy any haul of equipment. You can easily use your equipment when you have a cloud phone system, including desk phones, VoIP handsets, softphones, and mobile devices. Furthermore, you can save costs when it comes to maintenance as in case of any problem; you do not need an engineer to fix it; your IT employees can help you get through it.

It is secure

Lastly, this system is secure; you will not experience any information breach in your organization. It has an extra protection layer to protect your information against social engineering, which happens to be among the top threats.